Hi, I'm Ebony, a smart woman who likes strong coffee, red wine, and takes immense pleasure in pleasure. Think of this as a place where you're encouraged to be your baddest self, have your best sex, and use the F-word whenever you like. Welcome to Magic, Sex and Coffee.

Let the Journey Begin...

Let the Journey Begin...

B6. miss.

H7. miss.

A4. hit.

That's how I felt like my life was going. Blindly trying to hit the target, any target, and just hoping I'll figure out some sort of strategy along the way. Well, no more.

What do I always go back to? What do I always talk about? What subject do people constantly come to me for advice? If you know me, at all, you already know what it is.


Sex, relationships, dating, navigating the pitfalls and upswings of the opposite sex, or whomever you're in to.

I will admit, not only do I enjoy it, but I'm good at it. Not sex; although yes, when it comes to the act of sex, I do enjoy it and am quite good at it.

But the advice part. Not running from a topic that makes even the bravest man squirm in his chair when spoken in public. Having a conversation with a table full of men, giving them the in's and out's of what women want, or think they want (because most of the time, we have no fucking clue); and sitting with a room full of women who want to know how to make their men really happy (hint: your mouth is a good place to start). But its so much more than figuring out what goes where, pump here, and pump there. It's about evolving. 

Sex is a fact. It is not a myth. And until we start treating it as such, people will always be uncomfortable with even saying the word SEX.

I've never hidden the type of person that I am, the type of life that I live, but I do think there's a little more ownership to be had on my part.

So here I go. Time to own my shit. And all the glorious tugging, pulling, pushing, prodding, and caressing that comes along with it.

Care to join me on that ride?